What is Fly Gym Aerial Fitness®?

Fly Gym Aerial Fitness® is a revolutionary new and unique fitness program with something for “every body”! The Fly Gym Aerial Fitness Set is used in our Fly Gym Aerial Fitness Program which is a fusion of yoga, Pilates, cirque inspired moves and fitness. We combine, not only, traditional fitness design programs of endurance, strength and power but add fluidity/flexibility, stability and release to create Fly Gym’s unique creative movement model of exercise program design.

The Fly Gym Aerial Fitness Set is an 11 piece set which includes a series of soft fabric slings, daisy chains and carabiners that can be hung from the ceiling or other apparatus to be used with our wonderful holistic fitness program.

Our Certification program is designed to teach you the benefits of partial and total suspension training and the physics of human movement in 360 degrees on and off the ground. You learn effective coaching and cueing techniques. In addition, you will learn to create, progress and modify the Fly Gym exercises in order to design your own class/program. In the Fly Gym Certification program we “teach you to fish”.

The Fly Gym Team Membership program is a continuing education program designed for the Fly Gym Certified Instructor as a mechanism to “give you fish to stock your pond”. Our online quality and relevant continuing education program includes videos and workshops that cover our numerous programs including Aerial Conditioning, Yoga*, Pilates*, Personal Training*, Restorative Therapy* ... etc. These programs are designed to give Fly Gym Certified Instructor the continuing knowledge to serve a numerous population of clients with different needs and fitness levels and preferences.

We believe in “Better Health Through Fitness Made Fun”!

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The Equipment

FlyGymProdPicBLACKThe Fly Gym Aerial Fitness® is a series of 11 supportive fabric slings and straps which can be used all together, in different variations or alone, on or off the floor, and are hung from a ceiling, wall or other foundational apparatus. Our full and/or partial suspension trainer adds assistance for exercises you may have trouble doing on your own by supporting body weight or can be used to give you a greater challenge by changing your relationship to gravity.

Our Fly Gym Aerial Fitness Set is manufactured in the USA. Our product was designed and is manufactured by a company that makes rescue equipment for Fire Departments and our specifications are up to Life Safety Standards which is 10 times what is required for fitness equipment.

The set includes: 1 main sling, 2 side loops, 2 wrist straps, 2 daisy chains or web ladders and 4 climb worthy carabiners.

Become a Fly Gym® Certified Trainer

Certified Instructor Training Program is a 2 day program designed for experienced fitness instructors including group exercise, yoga, Pilates, personal trainers and any other gym or studio owner who is interested in adding aerial training fitness to their repertoire.  (12 hour, 1.2 CEC from ACE)

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Become a Team Member

Certified Instructors Only! As a Fly Gym Team Member you will enjoy exclusive member only videos content with exercises, sequences from 2 to 15 minutes long with coaching and cueing tips, access to 30 minute online continuing education workshops, discounts on Fly Gym products and education, a listing on our Certified Fly Gym Team Member locator map, a limited licensing agreement with use of the Fly Gym logo and other promotional items, partnership in our affiliate program where you can earn cash money for sales of Fly Gym products, access to Certified Fly Gym Team Member’s community blogs and forums, and a Fly Gym Team Member t-shirt and stickers and more!

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