Is this just for folks who are already fit?

Absolutely not! This is for anyone from the very deconditioned to the highly conditioned athlete.

How is this different from other suspension trainers?

The Fly Gym Aerial Fitness® Set is a series 5 pieces of soft, stretchy reinforced fabric slings, 2 daisy chains or web ladders and 4 climb worthy carabiners that can be used together or alone. Fly Gym Aerial Fitness ® set is incredibly versatile and can be configured to use with any suspension training program like TRX or Red Cord but with much more comfort.  It's called "The Sexy Suspension Trainer" for a reason!

How is this different from the aerial yoga silks?

Fly Gym® is more comfortable and versatile with 11 pieces versus 1. Fly Gym is easier to use for less conditioned folks. And with aerial yoga silks, you can’t adjust the height your sling is off the ground as you can with Fly Gym. You can use Fly Gym with all of the other aerial yoga programs such as Anti-Gravity Yoga and, if you already use aerial silks, you can use them with some of Fly Gym programs!

Do I need tall ceilings to hang Fly Gym?

NO! A standard 8-foot or even lower ceiling is fine. Higher ceilings mean your daisy chains may need to be longer. The rule of thumb, for deciding length of your daisy chain is the bottom of the daisy chains should be no more than 4 feet off the ground.  We also offer an ultralight portable A-frame that is easy to set up and transport.

What is the best way to hang the Fly Gym?

Fly Gym recommends you get a licensed contractor to install the ceiling or wall mount. See Appendix B for more information or you can purchase our wonderful and portable A- frame to hang your Fly Gym anywhere you go!

What if I don’t want to hang upside down?

While inversion is an option with Fly Gym, 80% of our programs are with no inversion at all. We have numerous exercises where you are only partially suspended if you don’t want to take your feet off the ground at all!

What are some contraindications to using Fly Gym?

There really aren’t any. Fly Gym and its programs are designed for “ANY BODY” regardless of age, body size, shape, or fitness condition. We truly have something for “EVERY BODY”, however; as with any new exercise program, you should check with your doctor before beginning. People with vertigo, glaucoma and head/brain issues should NOT invert without checking with their doctor. STOP immediately if you feel dizzy or nauseated.